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Case Drain Line Filter

    High speed open loop and closed loop hydrostatics use pumps and motors that use case drain lines to vent the pumps or motors to the hydraulic tank to flush and cool the circuit. Most pumps and motors have limits on their case pressure, sometimes as low as 7 psi with pressurized breather on the hydraulic tank. If you put a filter in-between the pump or motor and hydraulic tank you can over-pressurize the case due to filter relief valve and cold startup. Also, relief valves of filters only measure pressure and cannot tell what's in it.
    We are working on a new patent-pending Spiral Magnetic Array Filtration that can remove contaminates down to 0.1 micron for hardened steel contamination used in pumps, motors, valves, cylinders, and bearings. The Spiral Magnetic Array Filtration can be used on case drain lines, high-flow test stands, agriculture and construction equipment, all the way down to diesel fuel filtration. Iowa State University Student Capstone Team is designing a case drain line filter with no flow restrictions to be used to filter back to the hydraulic tank. The Student Capstone Team will measure the beta ratio efficiency of the case drain line filter at different flow rates. After testing at ISU we want to test the filter in the field. See the ISU Capstone Team Presentation below for  pictures of the filter design.
    Most filters have a relief valve to record the pressure, but with pressure, they cannot tell you what is in the filter. We want to detect metal in the magnetic array filter. We want to have sensors connected to a microprocessor which can then tell you when metal is detected. Then after history testing, when to change the filter liner, detect when a component is close to failing, or when the warranty is voided.

ISU Capstone Team


Magnetic Array Filtration Technology Presentation

CFD one way coupling with DEM using LIGHTS

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